The sanding and finishing will take place in you home, where you get to choose the species and the grade of wood, color and the finish coat, from a matt to glossy finish.

The wood is available in top nailed where the nails are filled but somewhat visible, which is more a traditional look that is very popular in the older homes. Tongue and groove floors are fitted together and then blind nailed along the tongue.

Unfinished hardwood is sanded removing the gap, which gives a sold flowing look to your floor.


This is not solid wood, it is similar to plywood with the top layer only being hardwood. The layers beneath are laminated together and a thin layer of real hardwood in then glued on top.

Engineered flooring can be purchased prefinished, meaning that the product has been finished in a factory and once installed there is no sanding or finishing on site. Unfinished engineered flooring, on the other had is sanded and finished on site.


This flooring has been sanded and finished at a factory. It can be resanded and finished only if the top layer of hardwood has enough wear to resand.

It comes in solid hardwood and engineered, the difference is the engineered is made up of layers of wood glued together and a thin layer of hardwood in then added on top.

There is a slight grove between the boards, and may be collect dirt and may be more difficult to clean if used in high traffic areas.


Looks like hardwood, but is made from resin and wood fiber and laminated together, with an image that is printed on top. It is very durable and comes in a variety of finishes and colors.

Easy to install, simply locks together.


This floor is very durable and must be installed over a property prepared subfloor. There is a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Easy installation as some are available as peel and stick squares. Great for high traffic areas.