Floor Types

Sandover Floors is pleased to offer the following floor types:

Solid Hardwood Floors (Single Layer Hardwood)

As the most recognizable type of hardwood floors, single layer flooring planks are made of 100 per cent solid wood and can be sold as either pre-finished or unfinished. The most common thickness for solid hardwood is ¾ of an inch. Due to their relative dimensional instability, single layer hardwood floors should only be installed in environments that are climate controlled all year round.

Engineered Floors (Multi Layer Hardwood)

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood flooring will not expand or contract with moisture. It can be installed above or below grade and can be glued onto concrete, an existing floor, or a sub-floor with radiant heat. Its superior strength and resistance make it a great choice for condos, basements and commercial spaces. Multi-layered hardwood flooring is generally made of three to five layers of hardwood glued onto a plywood base.

Laminate Flooring (Floating Floors)

Replicate the look of wood with laminate, an economical installation composed of an artificial laminated plank. Laminate floors are more resistant to scratching than traditional hardwood flooring and will not fade under UV light. As they are not fastened to the sub-floor, installing laminate is fast and easy.

Cork Flooring

Cork floors are non-toxic, durable and easy to maintain. Their natural feel and warmth make them suitable for any room of the house. Its sound-reducing qualities are perfect for condos and retail spaces like hair salons, yoga studios and museums. They are the ideal flooring choice and can add a beautiful natural feel to any room.